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Global Tamil Forum welcomes the passing of UNHRC Resolution 51/L1/Rev1

Global Tamil Forum (GTF), the influential Tamil Diaspora organization has issued a press statement welcoming the passing of Resolution 51/L1/Rev1 on Thursday (Oct.06). The resolution was passed with the support of 20 members while 7 voted against. 20 members, including India have abstained.

“Implementing key aspects of the UNHRC Resolution 51/L1/Rev1 is crucial for promoting human rights, accountability and economic stability in Sri Lanka. GTF believes this convergence of concerns, fears and apprehensions offer hope for all the people of Sri Lanka to come together as equal citizens and communities. Such progress is possible only when all communities stop living a lie based on denial and come to terms with the truth based on evidence. The UNHRC resolution just passed provides a useful framework to work towards such an outcome in unity.” the organization said in its statement.

Headquartered in the UK, the GTF has been consistently lobbying at the world body for making Sri Lanka accountable for crimes it has committed during the the last phase of 2009 war.

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